It makes my heart sick that Italy can’t manage to get its act together to preserve the rich heritage that lies at its feet.

(via Emperor Augustus stables in Rome to be reburied due to lack of funding - Telegraph)


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German restaurant Zum Domstein is offering up dishes from Apicius! I would love to visit and see how their versions differ from those that I’ve recreated.

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Chris Cordiero and Renae Connolly of @cafeartscience plating dark chocolate mousse at tonight’s pop-up.

Birdcage #art on a telephone pole outside Mission Tapas in Pittsfield MA #berkshires

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Audrey Hepburn at a party honouring her return to London after the filming of Roman Holiday, 1953.

Oh how I adore her.

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We went to Georges Island in the #Boston Harbor Islands today. Perfect #summer day! #staycool

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Nix’s Mate Island in the #Boston Harbor, where they used to hang #pirates.

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#Boston is gorgeous today! #summer #cruise

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I took this photo  of the Temple of Phocas in 2010. It’s such a perfect juxtaposition of old and new!  This column is most likely a 2nd century column that was repurposed in 608 to celebrate Eastern Roman Emperor Phocas. 

There is a Latin inscription on the base that says: To the best, most clement and pious ruler, our lord Phocas the perpetual emperor, crowned by God, the forever august triumphator, did Smaragdus, former praepositus sacri palatii and patricius and Exarch of Italy, devoted to His Clemency for the innumerable benefactions of His Piousness and for the peace acquired for Italy and its freedom preserved, this statue of His Majesty, blinking from the splendor of gold here on this tallest column for his eternal glory erect and dedicate, on the first day of the month of August, in the eleventh indiction in the fifth year after the consulate of His Piousness.

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Scoop Deck flavors in Wells, ME #summer #icecream #yum

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A racy little read ;) Roman monogamy and sexuality. ~S

Roman Monogamy

Laura Betzig (Evolution and Human Behaviour Program, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan)

Ethology and SociobiologyVol. 13:5-6 (1992)


Mating in Rome was polygynous; marriage was monogamous. In the years 18 and 9 the first Roman emperor, Augustus, backed the lex Julia and the lex Papia Poppaea, his “moral” legislation. It rewarded members of the senatorial aristocracy who married and had children; and it punished celibacy and childlessness, which were common. To many historians, that suggests Romans were reluctant to reproduce. To me, it suggests they kept the number of their legitimate children small to keep the number of their illegitimate children large…

Source: medievalistsnet

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